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If You Bought It, Do You Own It—Right to Repair

If You Bought It, Do You Own It—Right to Repair

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the NMA magazine Driving Freedoms Winter 2021 edition. If you would like to receive the NMA quarterly magazine, join the NMA today! Massachusetts’ voters, by nearly 75 percent, demanded their right-to-repair on November 3, 2020. Voters were under the impression that casting their ballots for Question 1, would […]

Big Data in Connected Smart Cars: Myths & Reality

Big Data in Connected Smart Cars: Myths & Reality

Today’s smart cars collect a wide variety of data, from the road’s width, information about potential hazards, a history of user behavior, and so much more. Connected cars are just a small piece of the IoT, which is helping to make our world more interconnected than ever before. Whether you are feeding information to your […]

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Boris Lavent, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami personal injury attorney with a proven track record of fighting for car accident victims to make sure they get the money the deserve.

Sherwin Arzani, Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Sherwin Arzani and his team have over 17 years of personal injury experience helping car accident victims.

New York
The Blanch Law Firm PC

DUI & DWI | Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys

Vikas Bajaj, San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

Vikas Bajaj has over 17 years experience defending those accused of a crime. Mr. Bajaj handles all criminal law matters and offers a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Lawyers PLLC

Criminal Defense Lawyer PLLC is Phoenix, Arizona’s premiere DUI defense law firm. Schedule a free DUI consultation today.

South Carolina
David Aylor, Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer

Decorated personal injury lawyer, David Aylor, proudly serves South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Call (843) 310-4900 today to arrange a complimentary case evaluation.