Guest bloggers should pitch up to three titles before writing a post. All communications concerning guest blog posts should be sent to Attorneys wishing to contribute to the NMA’s Traffic Law Blog should refer to these guidelines.

All guest content published on the NMA Blog belongs to the NMA. Guest blog authors may of course link to their post on the NMA blog and tweet or post on their own social media accounts but cannot sell the content or shop the content to any other source. No links may be made without permission from the NMA staff to any commercial websites.

All guest blogs are a voluntary contribution to the National Motorists Association. The NMA website has over 60,000 unique visitors every month and over 60 percent of visitors view the NMA blog when visiting the website. Writing a guest blog for the NMA is a great opportunity for new writers to build credibility in the blogosphere.

A guest blogger is either:

  • an NMA member who would like to contribute or
  • an outside writer who has solicited the NMA to possibly post something that they have pitched to the blog editor.

The Blog Editor (the NMA Communications Director) is responsible for all aspects of the NMA blog:

  • Edits all blog content both in-house and guest posts. If a guest post needs extensive editing, the blog editor will either reject the post, ask for a rewrite with suggestions or make an extensive edit with final input from the guest writer.
  • Decides on all blogs both in-house and guest posts and reserves the right to accept or reject any blog submission.
  • Schedules all blogs and prepares for inclusion on the NMA website.

All guest bloggers should have some experience writing:

  • unique blog content in a detached tone (Note: The NMA generally does not accept guest editorials for our blog. If you have a compelling editorial idea however please pitch it and indicate that it is an editorial. First-person posts should exhibit expertise in the subject matter.)
  • original, detailed and unique posts geared toward followers/readers of the National Motorists Association.
  • guest blogs between 500 to 750 words, with grammar and spelling checked before submission.

The NMA only allows links that pertain to the content of the guest blog:

  • No spammy content linking out to other spammy content.
  • No back links.
  • No commercial links to businesses.
  • Every link must benefit the guest blog and our readership in some way.

Guest Blogger Byline

NMA only accepts guest blogs that will put their name on the post. After the title, there is a brief sentence that reads: from guest writer NAME.

The guest blogger may write a short bio that can have up to two links that will appear at the end of the post in italics and one size less than the post text. Links should include a link to their own writing site and either a link to a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account. The blog editor has the right to shorten or change the bio if it is deemed necessary. No links without permission from the NMA staff however to any commercial websites.

Photos and other Graphical Elements

The NMA handles all photos for blogs to ensure that we have the right to place on our website. We only use photos or illustrations that are free to use and have a creative commons license.

If you have rights to an original infograph, the NMA will accept and use as a link back to the infograph on your website inside the guest post.

If you have additional questions, please contact Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director, at

Revised February 1, 2018