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Want to Shut Down Illegal Red-Light Camera Programs in Washington State? Here’s How

I need your help in fighting for the rights of motorists against speed and red light cameras in Washington state. My name is Ian Jordan and I live in Lake Forest Park, near Seattle. I’ve been an NMA member for almost two decades. A few months ago I received a citation in the mail for […]

NMA California Alert: Petition to Promote Lane Courtesy

Lane Courtesy, the practice of moving to the right to let faster traffic pass, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to promote smooth traffic flow and increase highway safety. Yet, many motorists are not aware of Lane Courtesy or simply refuse to practice it. A new online petition for California focuses on […]

NMA Michigan Alert: Support Bills to Discourage Policing for Profit

The Michigan Legislature is set to take up a package of bills that would prevent towns, townships and villages from profiteering from targeted enforcement of motor carrier violations. Taken together, House Bill 5490, House Bill 5491 andHouse Bill 5492 would severely limit the amount of revenue municipalities can retain from citations related to motor carrier […]

NMA California Alert: Bill Would Exempt More Classic Cars from Smog Requirement

The classic car enthusiasts out there may be interested in some pending legislation that would change the smog inspection exemption date from 1976 to 1980, thus freeing up more collectible cars from the inspection requirement. Senate Bill 1239 was just introduced by Senator Gaines and is being supported by the Association of California Car Clubs, […]

NMA Florida Alert: Full House to Vote on Camera Ban

Good news! House Bill 4027 banning the use of red-light cameras throughout the state has passed through the committee level and will now receive a vote in the full Florida House of Representatives. Red-light cameras are about raising revenue on the backs of motorists, not about improving intersection safety. (Learn more here.) Cities across the […]