If you are a traffic, DUI, or personal injury attorney and are interested in submitting a guest post to the NMA Traffic Law Blog, please note the following guidelines:

  • Traffic Law Blog posts are provided as a benefit for advertising attorneys of the NMA. Content may include topics in the areas of traffic, DUI/DWI, and personal injury law, with the latter having some connection to driving and motorists.
  • All guest content published on the NMA Blog should be unique, i.e., not published in the same form online or in print at other outlets.
  • Guest blog authors may, of course, link to their post on the NMA Blog and tweet or post it on their social media accounts. The NMA reserves the right to publish guest blogs on other formats such as the weekly NMA e-newsletter in which case proper credit will be given to the author.
  • All guest blogs constitute a voluntary contribution to the National Motorists Association. The NMA website has over 60,000 unique visitors every month. Over 60 percent view the NMA Blog when visiting the website.
  • The NMA reserves the right to accept or reject any blog submission. The NMA Blog Editor has the sole discretion of scheduling guest posts for publication and may ask for a rewrite or edit the post subject to final input from the guest writer.
  • Guest posts should be on subject matter of interest to the NMA online audience which consists of motorists’ rights advocates; people interested in traffic law, its enforcement and associated penalties; and driving enthusiasts. Posts should be between 500 and 750 words, and should be grammar and spell checked before submission. Included links must lead to content that supplements the information in the post.
  • The guest blogger may write a short bio that will appear at the end of the post in italics and one size less than the post text. The bio can include up to two links, one for the law firm’s website and another for its Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. For instance,

From Scott Smith, an attorney with the law firm of Smith & Davis Associates. Smith & Davis [embedded hyperlink] (@Smith&Davis) has assisted clients in Pennsylvania with DUI and personal injury cases for over 25 years.  

The blog editor may shorten or change the bio if it is deemed necessary. Revisions will be shared with the guest blogger before publication.

  • The NMA only accepts guest blogs from writers who will include their name in the byline – a brief line after the title of the post that reads, “from guest writer <NAME>”
  • Guest posts must not include:
    • Promotional content (other than the description in the closing bio)
    • Spammy content or links to spammy content
    • Links to commercial enterprises other than the law firm of the author

The NMA manages all images associated with blog posts to ensure that no licensing rights are violated. Only images and illustrations that include a creative commons license may be displayed with posts on the NMA Blog. If the guest writer has the rights to an original infograph that is integral to the content of the post, the NMA will accept a link back to the image on the writer’s website.

If you have additional questions, please contact Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director at [email protected].

Revised February 1, 2018