Washington State: Red light camera tickets ramp up in Bremerton

Quitugua is among a growing number of people in the city cited in Bremerton’s 9-year-old red light camera program, which is seeing a surge in both …

Missouri Editorial: No to Double Taxes and Toll Roads

Since 1924 Missourians have paid a motor fuel tax to construct and maintain our roads. Today, unelected bureaucrats in Jefferson City want two taxes for our roads: a fuel tax, and a toll tax forced on Missourians through a public-private partnership (PPP).

How one man triggered a GM recall

After a series of discussions with NHTSA, GM decided that the problem could be dangerous enough to require a recall, in part because the Sky and …

One in six Colorado drivers ignore seatbelts; State Patrol launches rural blitz

A similar “click it or ticket” blitz run by the State Patrol in 2016 led to issuance of 1,605 tickets to drivers and passengers in rural areas who didn’t …

New York Lawmakers call for Southern State Parkway safety study

Two lawmakers are pushing for better safety on the Southern State Parkway following years of deadly crashes. In front of the North Merrick fire department, state Sen. John Brooks and Assemblywoman Michaelle Solages unveiled legislation to increase driver safety. They are asking the state to conduct a safety study of the Southern State Parkway. “The fatality rate is unacceptable and we are calling on the state to have a hard look at what can be done to make changes that will improve overall safety,” says Brooks.