Why doctors should consider giving their patients a ride

This Missouri pilot project showed that free trips to the doctor pay off for everyone.

U.S. Supreme Court deals struggling taxi industry another blow

Chicago’s taxicab industry is likely to turn into a “Wild West” dominated by independent drivers, with fleets disappearing and the city losing control, after the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt the struggling industry a final flow.

In the Age of Trump, China Eyes Electric Car Dominance

IF YOU’RE CHARGED up for a world of electric cars, consider booking a trip to China. This week, the world’s automakers gathered at the Shanghai Auto Show to reveal their latest wares, pulling the cover of one electric after another.

Tesla’s new Supercharger strategy is a major shift that will enable urban EV ownership

When Tesla first introduced the Supercharger network in 2012, it was to enable long-distance travel for Tesla owners through truly high-speed DC fast-charging. They managed a 120 kW charge rate while most other electric vehicles were capped at ~50 kW. Tesla’s update to its Supercharger expansion announced today represents a shift in this strategy that could result in the most extensive charging infrastructure to date if executed correctly. The language in their update shows a clear shift from primarily enabling long-distance travel to also facilitating urban travel or even owners without driveways or garages. They wrote:

This hovercraft is just the beginning of innovation in flying cars

Flying cars have long been a staple of science fiction, but until recently the technology to build small, versatile flying vehicles hasn’t really existed. But that may be about to change. John Markoff of the New York Times has given the world its first look at a single-person flying vehicle created by Kitty Hawk, a startup funded by Google billionaire Larry Page. It looks a bit like a scaled-up version of the quadcopter drones a lot of people got under their Christmas trees in recent years. It has pontoons on the bottom, and the idea seems to be that people will use it like a high-tech jet ski, zooming 10 or 20 feet above the water.