Illinois: Red Light Camera Salesman Busted By Feds

A federal grand jury in Illinois last week indicted a senior Cook County staff member who moonlighted as a red light camera salesman. Patrick J. Doherty, the chief of staff to Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski, bribed an unnamed Oak Lawn trustee on behalf of the red light camera vendor Safespeed, according to the indictment. “Patrick J. Doherty used and caused to be used a facility in interstate commerce, namely a cellular telephone and an associated communications network, with intent to promote, manage, carry on, and facilitate the promotion, management, and carrying on of an unlawful activity, namely, bribery,” the indictment stated.

DOT’s Elaine Chao Announces $8.9 Million in Grants for Tribal Nations’ Roads

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao recently announced that $8.9 million in grant funding will be dedicated to improving highway safety in tribal lands. Specifically, the money will support 91 projects across 80 federally recognized American Indian tribal nations. Chao announced the funding Feb. 11 at the National Congress of American Indians.

San Francisco Mayor’s Plan To Ease Congestion Could Cost Drivers Money (Congestion Pricing)

It’s why she’s proposing new changes to the SFMTA board to cut down on traffic and manage limited parking spaces. They include congestion pricing as well as metered parking on Sundays and evenings.

How the race to autonomous cars got sidetracked by human nature

If you believed the early hype about autonomous cars, we’d all be buying them by now, or at least enjoying the view from autonomously driven ride-sharing vehicles. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened. In fact, the day that becomes a reality seems to get pushed further out every day. On one hand, it’s easy to understand why the delay occurred. Overenthusiastic tech industry titans were eager to make an impact on a large industry that seemed ripe for disruption. Automakers, frightened by potential tech competitors, were so engulfed by FOMO that they felt caught in an environment that didn’t just enable but encouraged unrealistic time frames. This started a cycle of overpromising and underdelivering that’s still going today.

KY man awarded $150K after being denied ‘IM GOD’ license plate

 A United States District Judge has ordered the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to pay $150,000 in attorney fees to a man who was denied a license plate that said, “IM GOD.” Ben “Bennie” Hart said he drove around Ohio with “IM GOD” on his plate for more than a decade. Hart, who identifies as an atheist, says his personalized plate is his way of spreading a political and philosophical message that faith is susceptible to individualized interpretation. “I can prove I’m God. You can’t prove I’m not. Now, how can I prove I’m God? Well, there are six definitions for God in the American Heritage Dictionary, and number five is a very handsome man, and my wife says I’m a very handsome man, and nobody argues with my wife,” Hart told FOX19 NOW.