Tesla, GM and Nissan lobby together to lift the cap on EV tax credits

Tesla has already reached the cap on the $7,500 tax credit.  

Utah bill would outlaw holding phone while driving; hands-free only allowed

Ross, president of the Utah Chiefs of Police Association, said the bill is needed to reduce the frequency of distracted-driving crashes and give police a …

California: New Awareness Campaign For Drugged DUI Launches

A 2016 Governors Highway Safety Association report revealed that drugs were listed as a major cause of accidents, along with distracted driving.

Connecticut: Truckers are receiving help from an unlikely source in the fight against truck-only tolls

The Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC), which represents 1400 trucking companies, says that they plan to fight Lamont if he goes through with his campaign promises. Joe Sculley, President of the MTAC, told the CT Post that “Truck tolls are discriminatory” and says that truckers would take legal action to fight the tolls. The ATA says says they’re prepared to strongly back state groups like MTAC in their fight against truck-only tolls. ATA President Chris Spears said truck-only tolls are “flawed and potentially contagious policies that could eventually have national implications.”

NHTSA Advises Motorists to Drive Safely This Thanksgiving

Travel at a safe speed. Speed affects your safety even when you are driving at the speed limit but too fast for road conditions, such as during bad …