California, 23 other states sue Trump over vehicle emissions rule

A coalition of state attorneys general are suing the Trump administration over the federal government’s decision to revoke California’s authority to set vehicle emission standards, granted under the Obama administration. In a press release announcing the lawsuit on Friday, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) announced that the 24 states involved would challenge the joint decision from the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency to revoke California’s waiver, under which the state adopted tighter emissions standards than the federal government.

Delaware Court: No Appeal For Red Light Camera Ticket Because Fine Too Small

Delaware court denies appeal of a $172 red light camera ticket because only fines over $100 can be appealed.

UAW, GM Dig In as Strike Continues

Strikers have zeroed in on the compensation of GM CEO Mary Barra, who receives $22 million per year while temporary workers make as little as $12 per hour in some instances.

Automakers defy Trump, stick with California in climate change standoff

California officials, teeing up an epic fight with President Donald Trump’s administration over climate change and air pollution rules, have potentially powerful allies in their corner: four of world’s largest automakers. Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen are sticking with an agreement they made to meet California’s stricter standards on greenhouse gas emissions, the head of the California Air Resources Board said Thursday. Hours after the Trump administration formally revoked California’s legal authority to set its pollution standards, board Chairwoman Mary Nichols lauded the four companies “for standing their ground on this issue” in spite of the Trump administration’s efforts to force them to pull out of the agreements.

Mobility Experts Discuss Uncertain Future

Are new technologies going to frustrate or help efforts to build more livable cities? Past experience may be key to preventing future mistakes in transportation policy.