Why Wasn’t Uber Charged in a Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash?

Authorities charged the vehicle’s “safety driver” with criminal negligence, but not the company that developed the technology…

Pasadena, CA police to get new license plate readers, despite opposition from ACLU

The ACLU has pushed for a blanket ban on surveillance technology, which they say includes facial recognition systems and automatic license plate readers…

Three Interactive Tools for Understanding Police Surveillance

As law enforcement and government surveillance technology continues to become more and more advanced, it has also become harder for everyday people to avoid…

Baidu Apollo brings dazzling tech, but full rollout may not be till 2025

We know that autonomous vehicles will be a part of our future since carmakers around the world have have shifted their focus to the cutting-edge technology, pouring money into the emerging market. But the question is how soon? A fully-automated vehicle without a driver behind the wheel remains an ambitious and eye-catching endeavor for many manufacturers. However, the search-engine giant Baidu, also a member of China’s artificial intelligence (AI) “national team,” gave the industry the latest at their annual tech event.

Cadillac Dealers Must Invest $200K To Prepare For EVs

GM will invest upwards of $20 billion on EV and autonomous vehicle technologies through 2025. For some dealers, the investment is a perfect fit.