14 Alerts From the VISION ZERO Tag

Congestion Pricing Cannot be the Future of Transportation Funding, Part 2: NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #469

To read Part 1, click HERE. New York City (NYC) finds itself in a transportation perfect storm. The subway system is at a breaking point. Residents are abandoning city buses by droves because it’s faster to walk most days. Ridesharing vehicles clog the already snarled streets. At the center of it all: the mayor and […]

Oppose Vision Zero Bills Now in the Texas Legislature

Dear Texas NMA Members, We normally like to send alerts out on one bill at a time, but Vision Zero Supporters have been quite busy in the both the House and the Senate.  We recommend that you contact your elected representatives (especially if they sit on one of the Transportation Committees) and let them know […]

Oppose MA S.2430 — Contact Your State Senator Today

Dear Massachusetts Members, Absolutely critical that you contact (email or call) your State Senator today!   Otherwise you may soon be facing reductions to 20 to 25 mph limits in your Massachusetts town without any engineering justification!  Click Here to find your State Senator! MA Activist John Carr states that the following are the critical […]

Second Massachusetts bill aims to cut speed limits to 20

Massachusetts House authorizes 20 mph speed limits everywhere

The Massachusetts House passed a bill authorizing towns to post 20 mph on all streets on their control.  These limits would not require any safety justification or engineering study.  They would simply be a way to create speed traps. The bill is House 4397 as amended.  The problematic language is amendment 30, added at the […]