Get Your Speeding Ticket Paid For In Three Easy Steps

This program is only available to supporting NMA Members.

  1. Plead not guilty and fight your ticket in court.
  2. Submit to NMA a readable copy of the original ticket, the receipt from the Clerk of Court for the amount of the ticket and court costs, and the court confirmation of a trial having been conducted with a “guilty” verdict indicated.
  3. Cash your check from the NMA.

Why Did You Start This Program?

The traffic ticket system is broken and one way to force change is to make it unprofitable for cities to give them out.

The cities are counting on people just paying them the money. They set budgets that rely on that ticket money and it’s to their advantage to do everything they can to inconvenience people who want to fight their ticket in court.

The NMA realizes this and we’re offering this program to encourage people to stand up for their rights, fight their tickets, and help us change the system so that it focuses on improving safety instead of generating revenue.

What’s The Catch?

You must be a member of the National Motorists Association. Your membership must be continuous, without lapses, from the time you receive the ticket to when you request reimbursement.  You must plead not guilty, take the case through a court trial and be found guilty.

Important Notes:

  1. You must be a supporting member of the NMA at the time you receive your ticket.
  2. This program is restricted to speeding tickets issued by a law enforcement officer at the scene.
  3. A plea bargain voids eligibility.
  4. One ticket per member will be paid each membership year (max. payment of $300).
  5. “Trial by Declaration” does not qualify as a “court trial.”
  6. Legal fees for attorneys are not eligible for payment under this program.
  7. If a lower court decision is appealed and produces a guilty verdict, payment will be made at the conclusion of the appeal.

Will The NMA Make It Impossible To Qualify For The Program?

No. It’s as simple as it sounds. The entire list of rules is explained above. That’s all there is to it.

This isn’t like a mail-in rebate. We’re not looking for reasons to deny your claim. We genuinely want people to fight their speeding tickets and we will reward those who do so.

Become A Supporting NMA Member To Get Access To The Traffic Justice Program!