23 Blog Posts From the Traffic Signals Tag

Driving 560 in a 660 zone

One Sunday morning I went for an early walk through the land of bad traffic signals. I reluctantly pressed the button to request the computer’s permission to cross Trapelo Road, was granted permission, started walking, and a car passed about 10 feet behind me even though the photon energy was totally in my favor. We’re […]

Exhausting my patience

MassDOT recently gave the town of Belmont several expensive new sets of traffic signals. Thanks, MassDOT, for making me wait a minute to walk 20 feet across a side street with no traffic. In the world of prescriptive traffic control, you walk when a computer says you can walk. The non-existent cross traffic had a […]

Time to wait

The “Greater Greater Washington” blog has a pair of posts arguing that walk signals are bad for pedestrians. “Walk signals are bad for walking” raises an issue I like to point out. When the pedestrian countdown timer starts counting to say how long you have to cross, it is illegal to use that information. If […]

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