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Best SUVs for the Money

By The Car Family Make no mistake, the competition is fierce in this segment and the result is some superior vehicles that often fly under the radar as Ford’s and Honda’s large advertising budgets overwhelm potential buyers.

BMW X1: Putting the Sport in SUV

By The Car Family The term sports utility vehicle has been overused and abused for everything from ponderous, freight-car sized vehicles to big-wheeled subcompacts. The reality is that there are very few sports utility vehicles that live up to that title combining exciting driving characteristics with the utility of off-roading. Fortunately, that definition personifies the […]

Impala Review: Chevrolet Takes a Bow

By The Car Family – August 2013 Chevrolet has produced a car that has captured the hearts of the working class with the new Impala. The looks are eye candy and the interior is vast and user friendly. The bottom line is that if you do your homework and select the option packages carefully you […]

Priusization of the Nation: How Toyota Changed the World

By The Car Family It started fairly innocuously with Toyota’s introduction of the Prius in 2000. It was ugly, underpowered and cramped, but the technology and fuel mileage were stunning for the price. The word was that Toyota was losing money on each sale, and still many took one look and walked away from the […]

Best 2013 SUVs for Gas Mileage

By The Car Family First, SUVs by their nature are not fuel frugal. They are heavy and have a significant wind drag. Some manufacturers have even gone so far as to put larger gas tanks in them to provide the illusion that you are getting better mileage because the fuel gauge is slower to move. […]

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