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Jaguar’s XJL: Athletic and Accommodating

By The Car Family When is a Jaguar not a Jaguar? Trick question, and the Jaguar XJL Portfolio has the answer. Simply put, Jaguar has drastically change the traditional Jag’s appearance and running gear. No longer is there wood trim everywhere and the sometimes reluctant engine has been replaced by a let’s play, supercharged V-6 […]

Kia K900: Kia Builds a King

By The Car Family This is no ordinary Kia. This is a car designed to prove that this Korean company can build a car that can compete with the luxury brands at a bargain price and still provide leading-edge technology. After a week evaluating this vehicle it becomes apparent that Kia has built a new King, […]

Mercedes GLK: Safety First

By The Car Family If you would love to own a Mercedes, the GLK might be your best choice because it combines the legendary sturdy construction with utility and German engineering to produce a handsome-looking vehicle that affords a touch of elegance to its on-task demeanor.

Audi Q5: Audacious and Loveable

By The Car Family When you test vehicles nearly weekly you become a bit jaded. We put cars through a workout schedule that includes daily commuting, highway travel, and runs up local mountain roads always on alert for the good while acknowledging areas that may concern potential buyers. Seldom do we dwell on a vehicle […]

Mazda’s 5 and CX-5: A Family 10

By The Car Family Mazda should win the best underdog car award for its remarkable creation of economical, fun to drive, and utilitarian vehicles. Typical of these are its updated CX-5 CUV and its minivan, named the 5. If you love to drive, the 5 and the CX-5 are a must to test.

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