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Unique Driving Restrictions in the United Kingdom

Unique Driving Restrictions in the United Kingdom

If you are planning to drive in the United Kingdom (UK) there are a number of rules, regulations and restrictions which every motorist needs to be aware of to be able to drive safely and legally – not to mention some unusual rules of etiquette to follow. We caught up with Darren from the UK’s […]

Proposed Hands-Free Driving Bill Passes Georgia House

Proposed Hands-Free Driving Bill Passes Georgia House

A bill aimed at combatting distracted driving in Georgia passed in the state’s House of Representatives last month and now will go to the Senate for a vote. Sponsored by Rep. John Carson (R-Marietta), the state’s first hands-free driving bill makes it illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, although using a GPS system […]

Tennessee Distracted Driving Enforcement

Tennessee Distracted Driving Enforcement

Distracted driving continues to be a problem, causing thousands of accidents, injuries, and deaths a year. At the same time, enforcement of distracted driving laws has proven just as problematic. Jurisdictions throughout the United States have laws that penalize texting while driving, one of the most common forms of distracted driving, but for these laws […]

The Digital Deadwalker – Is it time to fine individuals who text and walk

Walking through a crowded street, you can’t help but notice the ‘digital deadwalker’ paying more attention to their screen than the fast-approaching incoming traffic. This is particularly prevalent with millennials – who spend a significant amount of time texting, listening to music, reading emails, browsing social apps, and talking on their phones while walking. According […]

Georgia Moves to Curtail Mobile Phone Use in Vehicles

Nearly all states in the Union have laws that criminalize the use of a cell phone for texting while driving a motor vehicle. However, these laws are difficult to enforce because of the fact that the use of a cell phone for making phone calls is not against the law. Law enforcement, therefore, struggles to […]

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