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Driving in America: Musings from Arizona’s Interstate 17

Driving in America: Musings from Arizona’s Interstate 17

By NMA Arizona Member Rod Harris For 15 years, I have commuted at least once a week between the greater Phoenix area and Flagstaff, AZ, roughly 130 miles each way, on Interstate 17. In my experience, the average speed was more or less the speed limit, when and where that limit is 75 mph. Of course, […]

7 Safety Tips for Driving at Night

Driving at night doubles the risk and is more dangerous than driving throughout the day. The human eye needs light to see, which makes a driver’s ability to judge and perceive distance at night impaired. The combination of headlight glare, road lights, darkness, and limited sight can cause problems when driving at night. Night Driving […]

Confessions of an Aggressive Driver, and a Law-Abiding One

Confessions of an Aggressive Driver, and a Law-Abiding One

Ever wonder what goes on inside an aggressive driver’s head while behind the wheel? How about those who drive safely and follow all road rules, but have to put up with aggressive drivers on the road? Let’s take an imaginary glimpse into what aggressive drivers and law-abiding ones are probably thinking while driving. Confessions of […]

What to do about Tailgaters

What to do about Tailgaters

I don’t like tailgaters and I seem to encounter them at least three times a week on my daily commute. But what can a driver do about them really? Even though I can’t prove it myself, I think tailgating might just be one of the biggest issues for road rage. I admit, it certainly can […]

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