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Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions

“Flashing lights have boosted intersection safety,” proclaimed the headline on the local news site. After four months, flashing red lights on stop signs were declared successful. I was immediately suspicious. In Lincoln signs are for public relations and nobody understands intersection safety. It’s not impossible that a flashing light on top of a stop sign […]

Happiness makes the world slow down

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. At the fork was a new stop sign. The view was clear up both forks, no traffic visible, but we were supposed to stop. Why? The usual reason for an all-way stop in a sparsely populated area. To make residents happy. The town’s engineer had approved an all-way […]

Talk is cheap

With traffic signs costing about as much as fancy toys, they get used like fancy toys. When I see “RADAR ENFORCED” in California, I think “it’s safe to exceed this speed limit.” There’s no apparent correlation with actual use of radar, but they seem to be used more often where the speed limit is too […]

Another day, another octagon

A four way stop appeared at an intersection I use regularly, Lexington and Beech in Belmont, Massachusetts. I wondered, “should I stop?” That I had to ask shows how confrontational the relationship between government and drivers is. Most stop signs are posted for nuisance value. View Larger Map The town engineer says there’s a reason […]

Hey, bud, need some stop sign?

Want “medical” marijuana in California? A doctor will prescribe you some, no questions asked. Want opiates in Florida? Same deal. Want a nuisance stop sign… anywhere? An engineering consulting firm will prescribe you one. Or should I say four? Of course there are honest doctors and engineers. If you already know what you want there’s […]

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