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9 Ways To Improve Traffic Safety That The Government Will Ignore Because They Are Too Busy Ticketing You

The Federal Highway Administration has strongly recommended nine tools for decreasing road fatalities. You can find them at the end of this article. Most of these tools are fairly basic and simple to implement. So why aren’t they already universally used? They’re not universally used because they don’t make money for anyone. The government (local, […]

How To Give Out 178,000 Traffic Tickets And Accomplish Nothing

Just ask Montgomery County, Maryland, they seem to have it figured out. The Washington Examiner had a story today that mentioned that Montgomery County speed cameras, in action for nine months now, were averaging 20,000 tickets per month and that, in total, the county had handed out 178,000 speeding tickets from the cameras. The story […]

The Real Reason Ken Livingstone Lost

By Jim Baxter, NMA President The recent elections in Great Britain have been touted as a reaction to a slowing economy, declining housing values, and rising jobless rates. Of particular note was the sacking of the high profile mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. Mr. Livingstone has been the darling of the new urbanists, for his […]

Maryland Police Refuse To Pay Speed Camera Tickets

Speed cameras in Montgomery County, Maryland have been ticketing motorists for quite some time now. Under their program, the tickets go to the owner of the vehicle instead of the driver. This is a common flaw in ticket camera systems across the country. Local authorities have decided that it’s acceptable to do this to avoid […]

The 10 Biggest Injustices Against Motorists In October

It has been a rough month for drivers across the country. Abuses of power continue to run rampant while the public remains surprisingly apathetic. We’ve put together a list of the ten biggest injustices against motorists this month in hopes of encouraging citizens to speak out. The list was compiled from items on our site […]

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