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NMA Principle Number 3: Freedom from arbitrary traffic stops and unwarranted searches/seizures

NMA Principle Number 3: Freedom from arbitrary traffic stops and unwarranted searches/seizures

The Driving in America Blog was started a year ago to bring more information to those who are beginning their journey as motorists’ rights advocates. Over the next several months, I will be working with each of the seven NMA principles to give readers of this weekly blog some idea of what we all are working towards […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Child Safety in a Car

As a parent, it is your duty to do whatever you can in order to secure the safety of your offspring. One of the most challenging safety endeavors concerns child safety in a motor vehicle. No matter if you drive your kids to school every day or enjoy occasional family road trips, it is of […]

What Was Car Safety Like in the 20th Century?

Similar to air travel, many believe the “Golden Age” of automobiles passed by us. It’s simply a lazy take to reminisce about cars built decades ago and say everything was built better back then based on nostalgia. It’s natural to let out some ooh’s and ahh’s when we see classic cars speed past us on […]

6 Reasons Why Parents Should Negotiate Driving Rules with College Students

Most college freshmen are very happy to leave their parent’s house and enjoy their freedom. But the problem is that they tend to forget that college life is not only about new opportunities, but also about responsibilities. While senior students are more responsible and independent in making important decisions, the first year students still need […]

College Students & Distracted Driving

When you are a student at college, you strongly believe that you are mature, full of energy, independent and experienced enough in lots of spheres. You usually live separately from your parents and nobody controls you. Your life is full of adventures, studying, parties and hobbies. You need to be mobile, so driving must be […]

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