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The Danger of Digital License Plates

The Danger of Digital License Plates

Soon, your car will not only track you in real time and make sure you’re paid-up on your insurance and have all your “papers” in order, it will also try to sell you something. Digital license plates, approved for use in California, Arizona and most recently, Michigan, will replace the old metal plate that you controlled with an […]

A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 2: Driving in America

A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 2: Driving in America

Editor’s Note: A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 2 first appeared as a NMA Newsletter #337. Please check out Part 1 Here. If you would like to receive our weekly Email Newsletter, please join the NMA today! Can a police officer issue me a ticket if he’s outside his own jurisdiction? If the violation took […]

4 Safety Measures You Need to Take If You Own a Classic Car

We all love classic cars.  They’ve got stories and characters that new cars just can’t manage, but they aren’t as safe as modern models. Airbags, crumple zones, and even seatbelts are all modern inventions that you likely won’t find in your favorite classic or antique model. What safety measures do you need to take if […]

How to Bring Home a Puppy in a Car Safely

The day has finally arrived, you are going to collect your adorable new puppy. You’ve picked the best name, loads of nice toys, maybe even a little bed! It’s normal to be a little anxious about the first journey with your puppy, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you plan your ride! […]

Things You Can’t Do in a New Car

New cars can do all kinds of things—even drive themselves. But there were all kinds of things you could do in the cars of the past that you can’t do in new cars. Like Snuggle Up With Your Sweetheart, For Instance New cars and even new trucks have bucket seats and center consoles in between […]

Traffic Attorney, DUI Attorney, and Personal Injury Attorney Testimonials

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DAG Law Firm

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