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Motorists Vote 2020 Ballot Initiatives: NMA E-Newsletter #612

Motorists Vote 2020 Ballot Initiatives: NMA E-Newsletter #612

The November 3rd election day is a month away, and mail-in voting has already begun in many states. If you have not cast your ballot yet, be sure to consider motorists’ rights issues in your decisions on which candidates and issues to support. Check out the NMA’s Motorists Vote 2020 Guide (a slideshow with a […]

The Ins and Outs of Warrantless Vehicle Searches (Part 2)

The Ins and Outs of Warrantless Vehicle Searches (Part 2)

By Ted Levitt, NMA Texas Member Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared as an NMA Weekly E-Newsletter in 2014. Ted recently reviewed the information and informed the NMA that the post is still accurate and vital information for all drivers. Check out Part 1 HERE. If you would like to receive the NMA Weekly E-Newsletter, […]

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