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Big Cities + Autonomous Vehicles = Lack of Funding

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature. Cities big and small want to jump on the autonomous vehicle (AV) revolution. Bismarck, North Dakota announced recently that they will begin experimenting with one driverless bus. Monticello, Minnesota has already been testing driverless buses this winter. Waymo announced it will be testing some of its fleet […]

Can Uber survive?

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: For last two weeks, Uber has been in hot water from nearly every quadrant.  As outlined in a June 25, 2017 Car of the Future blog post Is the Party Over for Uber? I asked a similar question about company survival since the founder Travis Kalanick had […]

Is the Party over for Uber?

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: The obnoxious frat boy culture that was Uber came to a head this week when investors ousted founder Travis Kalanick. Recode.com wrote in the aftermath that one person and one blog post can make a difference. Perhaps the blog post was the tip of the iceberg but […]

Uber over the edge

The NMA Foundation presents the Car of the Future weekly feature: What’s wrong with Uber? Sure, the company might be considered one of the most disruptive companies on Earth in 2017. Uber found an angle into the transportation industry that was ripe for disruption. Founders have been applauded as masters of the universe and peacock their way around […]

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