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5 Proven Ways To Stop Red-Light Running

While most cities choose to take the easy way out and install red-light ticket cameras to profit from this problem (without solving it), there are several proven ways for communities to stop red-light running at their intersections. 1) Increase the yellow-light time This is an easy way to reduce red-light violations. It has been effective […]

Bait And Switch: Funds Diverted Away From Trauma Centers

Earlier this year, Texas passed legislation designed to regulate the use of red-light cameras in the state. The intention of the legislation was to lessen the incentive for cities to use the ticket cameras as revenue generators. A major reason that the bill was able to get through the legislature was the requirement that cities […]

Florida Cities Exploit Legal Loophole For Financial Gain

More and more cities in Florida are plotting to create local ordinances that skirt the state’s ban on red-light ticket cameras. Larry Lebowitz gives a good overview of the situation in the Miami Herald. Armed with a loophole in state law that was first exploited by the tiny Panhandle town of Gulf Breeze, dozens of […]

City Recommends More Intersection Collisions

A recent audit of the red-light cameras in Stockton, California showed that accidents significantly increased at intersections where the ticket cameras were installed. In contrast, intersection crashes were down overall at intersections without the cameras. With those facts in mind, it’s clear that removing the cameras is the right thing to do if the city […]

“Stop Red Light Running” Exposed As Corporate Lobbying Group

The use of red light ticket cameras has spread to almost 300 cities across the United States. The ticket camera promoters publicly proclaim that these cameras improve traffic safety. Privately they tout the cameras’ revenue generating potential to state and local officials. By masquerading as a public interest organization named “Stop Red Light Running” the […]

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