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Michigan Judge Dismisses His Own Traffic Tickets

Did you hear the joke about Jackson County, Michigan speeding tickets? Here it is: What is a foolproof way to get out of any speeding ticket in Jackson County? Become a judge. According to a story from mlive.com, Jackson County District Judge James M. Justin used the power of his office to dismiss nine traffic […]

Traffic Tickets: Politicians & Double Standards

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist It was a small incident but it revealed something interesting. Not just the hypocrisy of Those Who Rule Us when it comes to the issue of “speeding” — and much else besides. But more deeply, we are afforded a glimpse into the unconscious sense of privilege and entitlement that operates […]

St. Louis Aldermen Don’t Have To Worry About Paying Tickets

News stories like such as one from STLtoday.com are infuriatingly common. Keep this in mind when you hear a city council enthusiastically praising the idea of installing ticket cameras. Here’s an excerpt: When the push to install red-light cameras came to City Hall in 2005, the Board of Aldermen enthusiastically backed the plan as a boon […]

The Privileged Many: “Professional Courtesy” Exposed

By Jim Baxter, NMA President Jennifer Muir of the Orange County Register did a little digging at the California DMV and found that thousands of state employees have special license plates that are not traceable for enforcement purposes. The recipients are primarily involved with enforcement activities, although for many that’s a stretch. The rationalization is […]

Maryland Police Refuse To Pay Speed Camera Tickets

Speed cameras in Montgomery County, Maryland have been ticketing motorists for quite some time now. Under their program, the tickets go to the owner of the vehicle instead of the driver. This is a common flaw in ticket camera systems across the country. Local authorities have decided that it’s acceptable to do this to avoid […]

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