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A one night vacation

Nine police officers in Lakeland, Florida lost one or two shifts as punishment for dangerous driving and tampering with evidence. The only reason they’re in any trouble at all is they blew past an employee of the state Attorney General’s office. Nobody was supposed to know. The Lakeland officers inserted full memory cards in their […]

Your immunity has just been revoked

The biggest fringe benefit of a police job is immunity from prosecution. Drunk and reckless driving, no problem. Perjury, that’s “testilying” and everybody does it. Beat up your girlfriend, go outside and cool off. There are limits. If an innocent bystander dies, investigators may take the death halfway seriously. That happened in Connecticut recently. Off-duty […]

Sober as a cop

Colorado state trooper Brian Pettit got community service for a drunk-driving wreck that would put any of us civilians in jail. Sadly, this is totally ordinary. Drunk guy runs a stop sign and gets nailed. Happens every day. Police find a fellow officer drunk behind the wheel and don’t arrest him. Happens every day. You’ve […]

Driving News Roundup: May 12, 2017

Driving News Roundup: May 12, 2017

In this week’s Driving News Roundup: –GOP Pushback on Trump’s Gas Tax Idea– –Des Moines still issues speed cam tickets– –Alaska House advances Real ID– –NM-brushing edge of the lane not illegal– –Atlanta-collapsed interstate bridge will open Monday– NMA Driving News Stories of the Week  For speed-trap violation, Damascus, Arkansas told to stop highway patrols […]

Tipping the balance

John Basler was going double the speed limit at more than double the BAC limit when he hit another car head on. Both women in the other car died. Why isn’t he serving five years for manslaughter? Because officers from the Massachusetts State Police crash unit said he was sober and the other driver was […]