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A Reality Check for Autonomous Vehicles

Building a car that we drive is one thing. Building a car that drives itself is a whole other complex ball of reality. The way the media has been screaming about autonomous vehicles or AVs, you would think that we would be passengers inside them tomorrow.  Finally, automakers are fessing up and saying that you […]

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: February 5, 2018

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: February 5, 2018

In this week’s TheNewspaper.com Roundup! –Federal Judge upholds Warrantless License Plate Tracking– –NHTSA says Fed Law requires Ticket Quotas– Friday, February 2, 2018 Federal Judge Upholds Warrantless License Plate Tracking The courts place limits on the ability of police to monitor motorists through GPS devices, but officers can now obtain an even more detailed travel […]

What’s next? Our Car Washes Spying on Us?: NMA E-Newsletter #471

What’s next? Our Car Washes Spying on Us?: NMA E-Newsletter #471

From guest writer Joe Cadillic of the MassPrivatal Blog. Why is the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security (DHS) allowing a foreign company to use covert automatic license plate readers (ALPR), to spy on American motorists? ESLAG, a company owned by Italian high-tech giant Leonardo, is selling its surveillance services to U.S. law enforcement […]

Detroit Auto Show 2018: Autonomous Connected Vehicles Take over the World?

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature. Many motorheads look forward to the yearly spectacle that is the Detroit Auto Show or the official name the North American International Auto Show. This is undoubtedly the most important auto show in the world since Detroit is where it happens for anything car. This year was […]

Are you pretty enough to be stalked?

Last winter a Florida woman became an internet sensation by giving a police officer an oral warning for speeding. In response, the police union posted her phone number so people could harass her. Florida police also retaliated against the state trooper who pulled over a reckless Miami cop. She sued and won a settlement for […]

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