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The $150 million speed trap

Some drivers think a 35 mile per hour speed limit is too slow for a four lane divided highway. Police don’t: they say it’s a good excuse to search cars. This story comes from Fairmont, West Virginia, whose 19,000 people got a $150 million new speed trap in 2010. View Larger Map In the middle […]

The other revenue traps

Contrary to popular opinion, not all traffic enforcement is highway robbery. Some of it isn’t even about money, but today I’m writing about money. Specifically, the other two kinds of revenue-based enforcement. We’ve all heard about traditional highway robbery, where governments try to fund themselves from ticket revenue, usually by running speed traps. In the […]

Right for the Wrong Reason

By John Carr, NMA Massachusetts Activist “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs.” — Han Solo (Nerd rage) — Astronomers everywhere Victory? Last year an Ohio appeals court threw out evidence from a laser gun. Police were using an LTI UltraLyte but there was no evidence that the UltraLyte […]

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