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Today’s “dumb criminal” award winners

A little advice to people thinking of taking the equipment Pennsylvania police use to measure speed: where there’s a speed trap, there are police. Pennsylvania’s speed trap law requires township police to place equipment by the roadside rather than use radar. Sometimes one of those gadgets is left apparently unattended. But — if you want […]

The rules of the game

A long time ago, hopefully beyond the statute of limitations, I was at a Fourth of July party the BATF would have gone wild for. Drunk people with illegal fireworks and illegal cigars. Sober, I nearly got incinerated by a bonfire. Seems like a miracle nobody got hurt. The only harm was done by traffic […]

Speed limit roundup, March 2016

There’s a good amount of speed limit legislative activity this year. Here’s a summary of the major changes and failures to change. I’ll go from east to west. A New Jersey politician wants to raise the speed limit to 70 or 75. The police union responded maybe 70 on a few roads would be OK. […]

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