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Only as drunk as you can prove

Only as drunk as you can prove

The Internet liked the story. Woman smashes $20,000 breathalyzer. The smashy woman from Coxsackie likely got her “aggravated DUI” dropped down to a regular DUI. Or in plain English, got her drunk driving charge dropped down to buzzed driving. Here are the official names for three crimes in New York: driving while ability impaired, driving […]

When is a fee not a fee?

When is a fee not a fee?

Before the holidays a state judge delayed implementation of a new tax on taxi rides in New York City, part of the Mayor’s congestion pricing plan. Later this month he will be asked to strike the tax down permanently. Whatever the press may call it, it’s not a congestion fee, it’s a tax on a […]

Which is worse, speeding or homicide?

A couple years ago I wrote about New York City Administrative Code section 19-190, which says you’re not supposed to hurt a pedestrian who has right of way. The city posted the disposition of every AC 19-190 case online. As I write this, 3,417 tickets have been written, or about one ticket per ten pedestrian […]

Nuke the Frankenveto

As soon as I wrote about the death of New York City’s speed cameras, the governor brought them back to life by unilaterally re-enacting the law authorizing them. Those of you who took civics classes might be wondering how he can do that. Governor Cuomo says he can use a Frankenstein Veto. That’s where the […]

An accidental victory

Some petty bickering among New York politicians led to a surprising if accidental victory for drivers. The state legislature refused to renew authorization for most of New York City’s speed cameras. I’d like to think this followed the Daily News report saying people with money were ignoring camera tickets, which don’t put points on licenses. […]

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