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Make $300,000 working at home

In Massachusetts, where public employee unions own the legislature, guaranteed overtime is one of the perks of being a police officer. City police spend paid details standing around watching other people work. State Police make their money running speed traps. Once again a system of structural overtime breeds corruption. Troop E is the revenue collecting […]

Whose lane is it, anyway?

I thought the car parked across the sidewalk was blocking the old woman on a walker, but it was parked there for her to enter. Which is still illegal(*). Sidewalks are no standing zones as well as no parking zones. Traffic authorities make everything illegal and trust police to overlook little old ladies boarding, politicians […]

Stand by your man

Can you name the bad police forces in your area? Off the top of my head I’ll pick Worcester, Springfield, Revere, Abington, and Stoughton. I’m not talking routine speed traps, I mean real problem cases. Robbery, burglary, major civil rights violations. How do they get that way? One reason is, it’s almost impossible to fire […]

They didn’t care who she was

A routine coverup blew up into big news in Massachusetts recently. State Police arrested a woman for driving drunk and under the influence of the heroin she had in the car. She said she traded sex for drugs. The officers put that confession in their report. She also said daddy would be furious. Daddy is […]

Get away from my lawn

Boston suburbs post “do not enter” and “no right turn” signs effective during morning rush hour to protect residents from having to watch nonresidents drive past. Here’s a little secret about those “gated community” ordinances: police rarely enforce them. Signs are cheap. Police officers are not and they have better things to do. I wrote […]