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They didn’t care who she was

A routine coverup blew up into big news in Massachusetts recently. State Police arrested a woman for driving drunk and under the influence of the heroin she had in the car. She said she traded sex for drugs. The officers put that confession in their report. She also said daddy would be furious. Daddy is […]

Get away from my lawn

Boston suburbs post “do not enter” and “no right turn” signs effective during morning rush hour to protect residents from having to watch nonresidents drive past. Here’s a little secret about those “gated community” ordinances: police rarely enforce them. Signs are cheap. Police officers are not and they have better things to do. I wrote […]

Ring of molasses

Massachusetts politicians filed a bill to charge tolls on all the highways leading to Boston. The mayor of Boston likes the bill because toll revenue would be spent in his city. The new tolls are seen as politically feasible because there won’t be any toll booths. Cameras will track every car and decide who to […]

A little blue lie

Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard D. McKeon told a little lie this week, saying an announcement of a DUI roadblock would “reduce fear and anxiety” for the general public. The announcement is not meant to ease anybody’s mind, or even be noticed. It aims to comply with a court decision saying an announcement you didn’t […]

What are you in for?

A recent decision of the Massachusetts Appeals Court gave us the first murder conviction for a death caused by an accidental car crash in Massachusetts. The defendant, who had a suspended license, took off when stopped by Brockton police. During the chase he drove at 50 to 60 miles per hour on city streets, ran […]