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A little blue lie

Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard D. McKeon told a little lie this week, saying an announcement of a DUI roadblock would “reduce fear and anxiety” for the general public. The announcement is not meant to ease anybody’s mind, or even be noticed. It aims to comply with a court decision saying an announcement you didn’t […]

What are you in for?

A recent decision of the Massachusetts Appeals Court gave us the first murder conviction for a death caused by an accidental car crash in Massachusetts. The defendant, who had a suspended license, took off when stopped by Brockton police. During the chase he drove at 50 to 60 miles per hour on city streets, ran […]

Storage Cubby Criminals

Storage Cubby Criminals

You may be aware that cops can simply steal — yes, that’s exactly the correct word — cash found on your person or in your vehicle, in the course of a traffic stop, say — solely on account of it being an “excessive” amount. “Excessive” being entirely up to them to define. It could be […]

An expensive moment

She’d had her new car less than two weeks when she had the accident. She drove off with a ticket for failure to yield right of way when the law said she had right of way. I didn’t see the collision, but I got there in time to hear drivers tell their stories and they […]

Two search and seizure cases from Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided two cases recently about how far police can go when drivers of a car are probably up to no good but there’s no real evidence. Park near home In Commonwealth v. Martin the court ruled against police who chased a kid into his house. Three people were sitting in […]