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Another driving distraction

Several weeks ago a woman was knocked off a speed table and died in a low speed accident. It was the first traffic death in Belmont since 2009 so town officials had to be seen doing something. Guess what local politicians want to do? If you guessed throw some money at the problem you’re right […]

Salem, MA Speed Limits at Stake: NMA E-Newsletter #508

Salem, MA Speed Limits at Stake: NMA E-Newsletter #508

Ivan Sever, Life Member and former NMA Massachusetts State Coordinator, has never been one to sit back and just take it. About a year ago, the Salem City Council voted to lower the speed limit on Swampscott Road, a busy route driven frequently by Sever, from 40 to 25 mph. No speed study, no discussion, […]

Falling from on high

I’ve written before about Belmont, Massachusetts’ attempts to punish drivers on Lexington Street by posting nuisance stop signs, a car-eating speed table, and an illegal speed trap. That street is in local news recently after an accident on the speed table killed a pedestrian. None of the traffic obstruction measures made a difference because they […]

Boston’s speed limit experiment failed

The IIHS got some press this week when they found reducing Boston’s speed limit did not slow down Boston’s traffic. That’s what the data said. They lied to the press, saying the city cut down the number of speeders, and got their spin all over the news. Anybody who knows how speed limits work knows […]

Quotas are serious business

One Massachusetts state trooper is headed to federal prison for a year and dozens more may follow him. They failed to make ticket quota. The crime officially charged is theft from an agency receiving federal funds. They got paid overtime to run speed traps and they didn’t run speed traps. State Police Troop E, disbanded […]