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Quotas are serious business

One Massachusetts state trooper is headed to federal prison for a year and dozens more may follow him. They failed to make ticket quota. The crime officially charged is theft from an agency receiving federal funds. They got paid overtime to run speed traps and they didn’t run speed traps. State Police Troop E, disbanded […]

Maintain radio silence

Did you remember to turn on airplane mode on your phone when driving through Belmont, Massachusetts? Town officials want to ban nonresidents from town roads. Part of their plan is to track your phone to catch you trespassing. Phones and tablets are very talkative. Even when you’re not using them they’re transmitting signals to see […]

Share the wealth

Following overtime fraud and persistent failure to meet ticket quota, Governor Baker disbanded Massachusetts State Police Troop E. About 20 officers have retired or been suspended. They took overtime speed trap shifts and didn’t write speeding tickets. The rest, who made quota or didn’t get caught, will be reassigned to other troops. Some editorials called […]

Vehicle Emissions Standards—Now What?

Vehicle Emissions Standards—Now What?

The long awaited but not too surprising ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week on turning back the Obama era CAFÉ Standards seems to have confused the issue even more. At issue: by 2025, automakers who want to sell new cars to American consumers must boost a corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) to […]

The airheads of Troop E

The other shoe dropped in the Massachusetts State Police overtime scandal. A closet full of shoes. Twenty-one officers are in trouble for not making ticket quota. Twenty years ago the euphemism was “quality violations.” Quality meant dollars. Officers who didn’t bring in enough revenue would lose overtime. Leadership put that in writing and learned a […]