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A Long, Long Away to go for Driverless Car and other Auto Tech News

A Long, Long Away to go for Driverless Car and other Auto Tech News

The New York Times posted an article this week entitled: Despite High Hopes, Self-Driving Cars are ‘Way in the Future.” Indeed they are…something I’ve been saying ever since I started writing about the car of the future and auto tech. Ford’s CEO Jim Hackett said in April, “We overestimated the arrival of autonomous vehicles.” The […]

What is AEBS and why are Automakers Embracing the Tech?

What is AEBS and why are Automakers Embracing the Tech?

AEBS stands for Advanced Emergency Braking Systems, one of several advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that automakers are currently pushing onto consumers.  Other tech includes: lane departure warning systems, blind spot warning system, adaptive cruise control, and dynamic headlights. There are many forms of ADAS available with some built into new cars, some available as an […]

Top 5 Smartest Futuristic Cars

Top 5 Smartest Futuristic Cars

From James Bond to Back to the Future, the movie world has always pushed the boundaries in the functionality and practicalities of cars. But what about in real life? Recent technological advancements are seeing some equally innovative concepts come to life. In this article we explore some of the newest technologies on the market and […]

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