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An accidental victory

Some petty bickering among New York politicians led to a surprising if accidental victory for drivers. The state legislature refused to renew authorization for most of New York City’s speed cameras. I’d like to think this followed the Daily News report saying people with money were ignoring camera tickets, which don’t put points on licenses. […]

A tale of two troopers

I knew I was back in the East when my laser alarm went off 12 miles into Ohio. After some time trying not to be a ticket machine the Highway Patrol turned up visible enforcement in the past few years. The real speed limit is a secret, of course, but apparently I was under it. […]

New Hampshire terrorists win a round

I used to enjoy hiking in the White Mountains. Those days are over. The federal government decided that the chokepoint where I-93 crosses Franconia Notch is a good place to set up a roadblock. They had one last year, and another this year. Ostensibly the roadblocks were to enforce immigration law. Not really. Agents’ dogs […]

Rumors and lies

People contact me with job opportunities because they’ve heard good things about me. That doesn’t mean I’m the greatest worker on Earth. In my field you get a job based on the most favorable impressions you make. People who like me recommend me to others. People who don’t like me recommend somebody else. Now let’s […]

Quotas are serious business

One Massachusetts state trooper is headed to federal prison for a year and dozens more may follow him. They failed to make ticket quota. The crime officially charged is theft from an agency receiving federal funds. They got paid overtime to run speed traps and they didn’t run speed traps. State Police Troop E, disbanded […]