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What has 764 legs and eats wallets?

Last spring Damascus, Arkansas (population 382) was officially branded a speed trap and forbidden from writing speeding tickets. Shortly before the final order was issued the city got rid of its no-longer-necessary police chief. And the story got better. The city was stealing from drivers, and prosecutors suspect the police chief was stealing from the […]

Get away from my lawn

Boston suburbs post “do not enter” and “no right turn” signs effective during morning rush hour to protect residents from having to watch nonresidents drive past. Here’s a little secret about those “gated community” ordinances: police rarely enforce them. Signs are cheap. Police officers are not and they have better things to do. I wrote […]

Ring of molasses

Massachusetts politicians filed a bill to charge tolls on all the highways leading to Boston. The mayor of Boston likes the bill because toll revenue would be spent in his city. The new tolls are seen as politically feasible because there won’t be any toll booths. Cameras will track every car and decide who to […]

Dueling statistics

As part of its fight with the state of Iowa over ticket revenue, Cedar Rapids released statistics on the effect of city speed cameras. Until a judge stopped ticketing in May, cameras enforced a 66 mph speed limit on I-380. 67 would get your car a ticket in the mail. Speed cameras still collect speed data […]

Arkansas DOT accepts 75 mph request

After some delay Arkansas DOT acceded to a legislative request to raise the speed limit to 75. The speed limit proposal is open to comment by state residents (only) until December 13. Stripped of irrelevant material the 33 page speed limit report has five pages of content. One graph says the average speed on rural […]