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Information warfare

It’s one of the most famous scenes in science fiction. The astronaut gives a command to his robotic ride, who responds “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Did you think when the revolution came your car would show the same attitude? HAL was stupid. He talked too much. The real revolution is […]

Reducing the profit motive

Missouri Representative Shamed Dogan filed a bill to make police stop stealing your stuff. The title is boring: “Prohibits law enforcement agencies from transferring seized property to a federal agency in forfeiture litigation.” The effects would be huge. The bill aims to take some of the profit out of policing. Letting police keep the revenue […]

Another officer gets away with it

In recent legal news we have another serial criminal police officer, Texas State Trooper Jared Snelgrooes, and another team of prosecutors fighting against your civil rights. The aforementioned officer has a habit of pulling over cars because they are clean. (Thanks to thenewspaper.com for recent coverage and leagle.com for an older case.) He knows he’s […]

Wag the dog

The woman at the headquarters desk in Prairie Dog State Park didn’t like prairie dogs. I thought that strange until I saw the rest of the park. It’s a place to camp or put your boat in. The prairie dogs are an afterthought, confined to a few acres. So much of government is like that, […]

Make $300,000 working at home

In Massachusetts, where public employee unions own the legislature, guaranteed overtime is one of the perks of being a police officer. City police spend paid details standing around watching other people work. State Police make their money running speed traps. Once again a system of structural overtime breeds corruption. Troop E is the revenue collecting […]