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Share the wealth

Following overtime fraud and persistent failure to meet ticket quota, Governor Baker disbanded Massachusetts State Police Troop E. About 20 officers have retired or been suspended. They took overtime speed trap shifts and didn’t write speeding tickets. The rest, who made quota or didn’t get caught, will be reassigned to other troops. Some editorials called […]

Pay by the mile per hour

Reporters are catching on to the reason governments want to tax cars by the mile. They track miles by planting a spy in your car. The spy also knows when you’ve been speeding. Talk about the tail wagging the dog. You owe $10 for a week of driving and $10,000 for a week of speeding. […]

A well-funded mandate

Michigan State Police ran a “distracted driving” patrol that looked a lot like regular traffic work. They ticketed two drivers for texting. The rest of the stops — 147 of them — were fishing expeditions or license plate hits. Few departments enforce laws against texting while driving. Barring bad luck or a crash investigation, it’s […]

These boots are made for stealing

Another reminder that revenue-based enforcement leads to corruption. A Florida couple is prison-bound after stealing thousands of cars and demanding ransom payments. Not for extortion or theft, which they would deserve. For “aggravated white-collar crime,” which is a fancy way of saying they failed to pay the City of Miami to look the other way. […]

When your battery fails and your gravity works

What do a car that won’t start and a bus that won’t stop have in common? Both are consequences of our reliance on computers instead of mechanical interlocks. I was asked to look at a rental car that wouldn’t start. I got in. Turn the wheel to unstick the key, turn the key, and start […]