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The aggressive driver in the mirror

A strange legal fight has been raging in federal courts, as judges answer questions like “is robbery a violent crime?” The answer is often “no”, for the same reason you can be convicted of “aggressive driving” without doing anything out of the ordinary. When Congress prescribed extra punishment for people with a prior conviction for […]

Another week, another leak

Two weeks in a row, I wrote about surveillance of drivers and only to learn hours later that the problem was even worse than I thought. Last week we learned cell phone spy LocationSmart didn’t require authentication to use its tracking API. Anybody in the world could track you. During the rise of Facebook somebody […]

A one way street

A lot of news came out shortly after I wrote about a town’s plan to deploy cell phone trackers to keep nonresidents out. The New York Times told me it was even easier than I thought. Instead of buying hardware, police can use an online tracking service. A tracking service vulnerable to hackers, according to […]

Maintain radio silence

Did you remember to turn on airplane mode on your phone when driving through Belmont, Massachusetts? Town officials want to ban nonresidents from town roads. Part of their plan is to track your phone to catch you trespassing. Phones and tablets are very talkative. Even when you’re not using them they’re transmitting signals to see […]

The myth of manual review

Some cities with ticket cameras promise that human police officers will review every ticket to keep the robots under control. In fact the robots are running the show with a little help from corporate accountants. Your camera probably has a feature where it looks around the room and draws boxes around the faces it sees. […]