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Stand by your man

Can you name the bad police forces in your area? Off the top of my head I’ll pick Worcester, Springfield, Revere, Abington, and Stoughton. I’m not talking routine speed traps, I mean real problem cases. Robbery, burglary, major civil rights violations. How do they get that way? One reason is, it’s almost impossible to fire […]

Faith-based governing

A recent news release sounded like transportation officials had joined a 12-step program. “All Vision Zero cities acknowlege …” it declared. That article landed in my inbox shortly after I belatedly read Gabrielle Glaser’s award-winning article “The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous.” AA is one of the biggest faith-based programs out there. Have you been ordered […]

Do me a favor, die in a fire

Seventy-five years ago this week a fire in a Boston nightclub killed 492 people. In 1943 the National Fire Protection Association published a report on the disaster. The NFPA did not call for sweeping new laws. “We cannot believe, however, that this disaster is chargeable to any deficiency in the law.” The real problem was […]

They didn’t care who she was

A routine coverup blew up into big news in Massachusetts recently. State Police arrested a woman for driving drunk and under the influence of the heroin she had in the car. She said she traded sex for drugs. The officers put that confession in their report. She also said daddy would be furious. Daddy is […]

Manufacturing violations in Saratoga

The Mercury News described a typical crosswalk sting. Santa Clara County deputies went to Saratoga recently to enforce a law they made up. They say if a deputy steps into the street 90 feet in front of a moving car, the driver must stop. 89 feet, don’t have to stop. 90 feet, have to stop. […]