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The airheads of Troop E

The other shoe dropped in the Massachusetts State Police overtime scandal. A closet full of shoes. Twenty-one officers are in trouble for not making ticket quota. Twenty years ago the euphemism was “quality violations.” Quality meant dollars. Officers who didn’t bring in enough revenue would lose overtime. Leadership put that in writing and learned a […]

The National Speeding Ticket Board

The federal government told itself to tell local police to write more speeding tickets. That’s business as usual. It also told itself to make it illegal for a road not to be a speed trap. That’s new. This advice comes in a report by the National Transportation Safety Board. NTSB consulted “stakeholders” — the ticketing […]

Sticks and stones

Recent news reminds us that politically incorrect speech is worse than murder. Police rounded up a gang of rogue ATV riders. In the struggle one rider was shot in the foot. And then the system went off script. A Massachusetts State Police officer could face charges for the shooting. He’s already suspended without pay. Not […]


Recently I saw something I hadn’t seen in Massachusetts for a long time: another driver flashed to warn me of a speed trap. I grew up in an area where flashing headlights meant “speed trap ahead.” Sometimes they meant “you’re an idiot”, but mostly they were a helpful warning. When I started commuting in slow […]

Information warfare

It’s one of the most famous scenes in science fiction. The astronaut gives a command to his robotic ride, who responds “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Did you think when the revolution came your car would show the same attitude? HAL was stupid. He talked too much. The real revolution is […]