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Pay and pray

Bridgeport, Connecticut discovered what happens when the law is enforced. People would drive into the city, and if they survived to drive away would get a ticket in the mail for violating a parking ordinance. After that they might not drive back. The beginning is a familiar story. A company came to elected officials with […]

Which is worse, speeding or homicide?

A couple years ago I wrote about New York City Administrative Code section 19-190, which says you’re not supposed to hurt a pedestrian who has right of way. The city posted the disposition of every AC 19-190 case online. As I write this, 3,417 tickets have been written, or about one ticket per ten pedestrian […]

Falling from on high

I’ve written before about Belmont, Massachusetts’ attempts to punish drivers on Lexington Street by posting nuisance stop signs, a car-eating speed table, and an illegal speed trap. That street is in local news recently after an accident on the speed table killed a pedestrian. None of the traffic obstruction measures made a difference because they […]

Nuke the Frankenveto

As soon as I wrote about the death of New York City’s speed cameras, the governor brought them back to life by unilaterally re-enacting the law authorizing them. Those of you who took civics classes might be wondering how he can do that. Governor Cuomo says he can use a Frankenstein Veto. That’s where the […]

Boston’s speed limit experiment failed

The IIHS got some press this week when they found reducing Boston’s speed limit did not slow down Boston’s traffic. That’s what the data said. They lied to the press, saying the city cut down the number of speeders, and got their spin all over the news. Anybody who knows how speed limits work knows […]