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Think fast

The police officer wasn’t asking where I lived out of curiosity. He wanted to know if I was a Massachusetts resident driving on a Connecticut license so he could write a big ticket to make his quota. “No, I don’t live here” was the only correct answer. A more risky answer is “I just moved […]

The Strictly Enforced State

When I hit the state line the speed limit changed from 65 to 75. The road was the same, but the DOT director was different. Oklahoma DOT ignores the law requiring speed limits to be justified by engineering studies. Texas DOT exercised its discretionary authority to raise most of West Texas from 70 to 75. […]

I brake for bugs

When I stopped in Billings I was surrounded by a swarm of yellowjackets. Luckily, they weren’t after me. What looked like every insect in the Great Plains was smeared across the front of my car. Yellowjackets are scavengers and I had brought them lunch. I thought about that trip when I saw an article proposing […]

Paging Congressman Hobbs

Palmyra, Missouri city prosecutor James Lemon just got caught extorting drivers caught in a speed trap. He agreed to drop one demand after he was contacted by KMOV reporters. US 61 through Palmyra is a limited access highway (crossroads but no driveways). In much of the country it would be posted 65 or 70, but […]

A little blue lie

Massachusetts State Police Colonel Richard D. McKeon told a little lie this week, saying an announcement of a DUI roadblock would “reduce fear and anxiety” for the general public. The announcement is not meant to ease anybody’s mind, or even be noticed. It aims to comply with a court decision saying an announcement you didn’t […]