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It’s a boring job but somebody has to do it

It’s a boring job but somebody has to do it

Tesla is notorious for advertising a “self-driving” car and asking the passenger in the left front seat to pay full attention to driving the same as a dumb old car. Eric Peters recently called out BMW for the same lie. Meanwhile regulators are being asked to look elsewhere as the “trolley problem” makes the rounds […]

Dueling incentives

Accused of contributing to urban congestion, Uber wants a tax to price you out of the city while their cars pay a lower rate. Ride-sharing services love “congestion fees.” In its simplest form a congestion tax is a barrier toll around part of a city, say London or lower Manhattan. You pay $25 to drive […]

Another driving distraction

Several weeks ago a woman was knocked off a speed table and died in a low speed accident. It was the first traffic death in Belmont since 2009 so town officials had to be seen doing something. Guess what local politicians want to do? If you guessed throw some money at the problem you’re right […]

Happiness makes the world slow down

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. At the fork was a new stop sign. The view was clear up both forks, no traffic visible, but we were supposed to stop. Why? The usual reason for an all-way stop in a sparsely populated area. To make residents happy. The town’s engineer had approved an all-way […]

I bet you say that to all the boys

I made a woman’s day. She walked up to me at a rest area, dripping with sarcasm, and began “I want to apologize for driving too slowly for you.” Then she said something about endangering us both and walked away. She must have been pleased with herself. I didn’t have the heart to tell her […]