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March, 2017 speed limit news roundup

There is a good amount of speed-related legislative activity this spring. The Arkansas legislature quickly approved HB 2057, intended to raise freeway speed limits to 75 and two lane speed limits to 65. It is unclear if freeway speed limits will actually increase. The Highway Commission already had authority to raise speed limits and did […]

Ups and downs

Like speed policy, drug policy has had cycles driven by a few people. Starting in the Reefer Madness era, the 1930s, America got tough on drugs. Much of this effort was the result of one man, Harry Anslinger. Think of him as the first drug czar. (His Wikipedia page gives more details, but mainly tells […]

Stop helping

A recent editorial-article in the Washington Post argues “Marijuana raids are more deadly than the drug itself”. They pretty much have to be. While opioids kill many more people than cars, marijuana is safer than other legal and illegal drugs. And so it is for speed enforcement, the cure is worse than the disease. A […]

Another not-a-school-zone speed limit

An NMA member asked a question a lot more of us should be asking: is this really a school zone? As you enter Daly City, California from the east the speed limit on the four lane road drops from 45 to a 25 mph school zone. Except it isn’t a school zone: there is no […]

Living in the shadows

Today I’ll discuss another parallel between American’s tough-on-pot and tough-on-speed laws: both are “penumbral crimes,” laws that are widely violated, poorly enforced, and not taken seriously. Margaret Raymond‘s 2002 paper on the subject had a strong influence on my thinking. She explained, “penumbral crimes reflect failed attempts to use law to shape social norms.” These […]