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A rose by any other name

If you’re a gardener in the East you can probably recognize the Japanese Beetle. You don’t do it by the book. There is a book. It’s complicated and you need a microscope. For this beetle, a quick look is good enough and experience does the rest. Our brains are good at pattern recognition. Some Connecticut […]

In search of numerate reporters

A reporter who is more interested in writing a drama than telling the facts said “what safety advocates predicted and feared” happened after South Dakota raised the speed limit from 75 to 80. What happened was the enforcement threshold went up from 86 to 88 and the number of speeding tickets increased while highways remained […]

Where to get a ticket in Wichita

In the sea of empty-headed speed reporting I came across something informative recently, an analysis of speeding tickets in Wichita including a map of top ticketing locations. In space, most tickets are on a highway with a low speed limit or near an airport. In time, most tickets are written in the middle of the […]

Perpetuating a speed trap

The purpose of the low speed limit through Rosendale, Wisconsin is to create a speed trap. This according to Wisconsin DOT which set the speed limit. WisDOT made that admission in response to a citizen complaint in 2007. The NMA obtained the letter recently. Rosendale is a well known dot-on-the-map speed trap with 30 mph […]

Convert this

In 2013 Chelmsford, Massachusetts police officer Todd Ahern stole a car to pressure a woman into testifying against her ex. This according to a jury verdict upheld by the First Circuit Court of Appeals in May. A suspect’s ex-girlfriend had his car. Police towed the car with her belongings inside, got a warrant, searched the […]