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Who really did it?

What would you do if you woke up in the hospital, the last thing you remembered was being at home with your wife, and they told you had killed a man by driving drunk and you were going to prison? That happened to a Massachusetts man a few years ago. They said he suddenly swerved […]

Remote exploits

Intel just fixed a nine year old bug it was warned about five years ago. Remote management software, meant to allow corporate IT to set up your system, would allow anybody on the internet unlimited access to your system.  Intel is a big company with over 10,000 technical staff.  They still couldn’t get it right. […]

The big reveal

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. The problem with traffic regulation is people don’t tell you what you want. What they want is 80 mph speed limits, legal cell phones, and no stop signs. We know this because we can look at what people do. Economists say it’s a “revealed preference.” […]

How to annoy a federal judge

In late 2015 the Indiana Appeals Court ruled that the city of Carmel illegally reclassified state traffic law violations as municipal ordinance violations to earn more revenue. A lawyer rounded up some plaintiffs for a federal civil rights action and barely escaped being fined for a frivolous lawsuit. Here’s a look at how not to […]

What would you like to prove today?

I wrote recently about choosing evidence to fit a conclusion rather than a conclusion to fit evidence. Christie Aschwanden at 538 wrote a good article on that backwards journey. She called the process “p-hacking,” derived from the term “p-value.” In traditional science published experimental results have to be statistically significant. Did the lab rats die […]