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Update on ‘Move Over’ Laws

Florida police agencies recently stepped up enforcement of the state’s “Move Over” law by setting up sting operations on roadways throughout the Sunshine State, including in a state park where nearly two dozen unsuspecting motorists were ensnared. The Florida sting is simple: A police officer parks his cruiser on the side of the road and […]

Fixing Tickets in Philadelphia

By James J. Baxter Following a federal investigation, two Philadelphia judges pleaded guilty to “fixing tickets.” This isn’t an earth shattering revelation, fixing traffic tickets is a national sport. Cops do it, D.A.s do it, and, as just noted, judges do it. So, is this rampant circumvention of the law a sign of pervasive corruption […]

Some Myths Just Won’t Die

Every few months or so someone (usually a non-member) sends us an email that goes something like this: How can your organization support 65 mph speed limits or even higher? Don’t you know that there’s only so much oil in the ground and that the best way to conserve fuel is to go back to […]

Public Private Partnership Abuses

By James J. Baxter The current political rage of “Public Private Partnerships” has shown it’s underbelly in the transportation sector through the cancer of ticket camera installations, privatized parking meters, and toll roads. The potential for corruption and citizen abuse reaches new heights when governmental power is merged with corporate profit motivations. Controlling and mitigating […]

Yet Another Study

By James J. Baxter. This article originally appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of NMA’s Driving Freedoms magazine. A recent report in The Wall Street Journal illustrates how public opinion can be misled and manipulated by agenda-driven politics. The Journal is justifiably well-respected for its evenhanded reporting of information regardless of its popularity with the […]

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