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Texas May Go To 85… Oh, The Humanity!

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Maybe we’re over the hump. Texas appears to be on the verge of raising its highway speed limits to 85. That’s good news for Texas motorists, who may soon get to drive legally at speeds they travel anyway. Which brings up a question: Why do they call those signs speed […]

More Flawed Red Light Camera Data From IIHS

By James Baxter, NMA President This past Tuesday the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IIHS, carpet bombed the media world with a press release claiming red light cameras saved 154 lives in 14 cities from 2004 through 2008. Saying IIHS pulled this number out of thin blue air would be a tremendous compliment. There is […]

Why Mandatory Car Insurance Hurts Good Drivers

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist A reader wrote in response to an article I did on the tyranny of mandatory insurance laws. He had been hit while on his motorcycle — and crippled for life — by an oblivious driver who ran a light. He told me he believes that not only should insurance be […]

Ford’s MyKey System: The Rise Of The Mom Culture

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Yesterday’s tyrannies came to us in the name of the people – or the race or the nation. We may get ours in the name of the children. At least, when it comes to our cars and what we’re allowed to do with them. Ford has just revealed a new […]

Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 18?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Is 16 too young to drive? If you’re 16. you probably think not. But it’s those over 16 — adults like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Adrian Lund — who will get to be the deciders on this one. Lund and some others want to push the age at […]

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