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The 16 Most Fuel-Efficient New Cars

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Gas prices are putting the hurting on us all — but you can ease the pain at the pump if you’re driving one of these: Ultracompacts 1) 2008 Smart For Two The Smart is a two-seater designed principally for in-city driving. Its small size makes it very easy to park […]

Fuel Economy & Toll Roads: Using One Problem To Solve Another

By NMA President, James Baxter In the February issue of Car and Driver Magazine there were two articles that, in their own way dovetailed together to answer a question no one is asking, but perhaps they should be. Csaba Csere, Editor-In-Chief, started out with a lament on the futility and pointlessness of the new federal […]

300 MPG Or Conspiracy Theory?

Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right after all. That was the first thought to pop into my head as I read about an engineer named Steve Fambro – and his 300 mpg hybrid Aptera two-seater. Yes, you read that right. Three hundred miles per gallon. Really. And even if he’s off by half, the mileage […]

Where Does Your Three Dollars Per Gallon Really Go?

No one likes paying $35 for a fill-up that used to cost $15. But where does all your dinero go, actually? Is it Big Oil — or Big Government — that’s got you over a barrel? Let’s break it down. Crude Oil Believe it or not, the cost of the oil itself is pretty low, […]

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