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Little-Vehicle-Topia: Micromobility and the Rest of Us

Little-Vehicle-Topia: Micromobility and the Rest of Us

I was exercise walking in my local park last fall and suddenly out of nowhere, a young woman on a scooter zipped past me and we almost collided. She cut me off as she headed for the grass to take a short cut. Not only was this rude, but scary. As someone walking on a […]

Electric Scooters Descend on Austin, Texas

Electric Scooters Descend on Austin, Texas

By John L. McCraw, III, a Bicycle Accident attorney with the McCraw Law Group. A large influx of two-wheel electric scooters into the Austin metropolitan area has created a wealth of novel questions, as well as making people aware of the inconsistency of bicycle and sidewalk laws in the city.  With the influx unlikely to […]

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