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How Long Can You Keep Your Child on Your Car Insurance

How Long Can You Keep Your Child on Your Car Insurance

For many young drivers, insuring a vehicle is too much of an expense for them to take care of on their own. Even if they pick up a summer job, the cost of an independent policy for a young driver is simply not feasible. In these instances, it’s common practice for parents to put their […]

Automotive Pre-emption

New cars do lots of things cars didn’t do in the past, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Convenience has its merits. But what about pre-emption? Cars once did as they were told by their owners and no more. If you didn’t want the doors to lock or the lights to come on, they didn’t […]

A Guide to Underage DUI for Parents

For parents, the day their children pass the DMV driving test is often one that is filled with mixed emotions. Parents will always be happy about their kids getting a driver’s license. After all, a license to drive is another step toward becoming a responsible adult. However, they also can’t help but worry about them, […]

A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 1: Driving in America

A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 1: Driving in America

Editor’s Note: A Refresher Course on Ticket-Fighting Part 1 first appeared as a NMA Newsletter #336. If you would like to receive our weekly Email Newsletter, please join the NMA today! Helping NMA members fight traffic tickets is foundational to the NMA mission. Over the years we’ve collected lots of tips and suggestions for getting […]

Driving in America—Are We There Yet?

Driving in America—Are We There Yet?

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director Motorist advocates have many choices to make when it comes to fighting for rights. Trends change and either becomes complicated or simplified just because an elected official says “Enough!” Case in point: Texas Governor Greg Abbott vowed when he was running for governor in 2018 that he would like […]

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Ambrosio Rodriguez,
Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

Former prosecutor with over 18 years experience handling all criminal law matters.

Sherwin Arzani, Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Sherwin Arzani and his team have over 17 years of personal injury experience helping car accident victims.

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Kush Arora

A seasoned Maryland traffic lawyer ready to defend you against DUI and reckless driving charges.

Ron Hedding, San Fernando Valley Criminal & DUI lawyer

Over 25 years experience focused exclusively on criminal law and a track record of success in all San Fernando Valley Courthouses. (213) 542-0940

Boris Lavent, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer

Miami personal injury attorney with a proven track record of fighting for car accident victims to make sure they get the money the deserve.

Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC

Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC and & top-rated injury & car accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call for a free consultation.