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Connected Cars and Car Hacking: What Are the Risks, and How Are We Being Protected?

Technology has worked in dramatic ways to transform and reshape our lives by bringing us closer together. This heightened emphasis on connection has had a huge impact on the automotive world, and it has resulted in innovations that have changed the way we interact with our cars. Developments within this realm have given rise to […]


The automobile has gone from being an eccentric hobby to a necessity of life—to a???? Technological innovations like the internal combustion engine, electric starter, hydraulic brakes, power steering, radial tires, fuel injection, and electronic ignition have transformed the automobile from a quirky, unreliable toy to an appliance-like device accessible and usable by almost all elements […]

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: September 5, 2016

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: September 5, 2016

The Newspaper.com Weekly Roundup blog post will now appear on Mondays with stories featured from the following week. We hope reading this roundup will get you started on the right foot every week in learning a little bit more in the world of motorists’ rights! To check out all the Driving News find us on […]

Along for the Ride

A guy was killed by his auto-piloted Tesla last week (new story here) and Uncle is looking into it. Of course he won’t do anything about it. Because “if it saves even one life” is very selectively applied. It applies only when whatever the danger happens to be is something Uncle wants to use as […]

Why the Hard Sell for the Self-Driving Car?

Why the hard-sell for self-driving cars? The other day, Ford and Volvo announced they are forming a “coalition” — along with Google — to push not only for the development of self-driving cars, but for federal “action” (their term) to force-feed them to us. Why? The reasons are obvious: There’s money — and control — […]

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