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TheNewspaper.com Roundup: November 28, 2016

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: November 28, 2016

In this week’s TheNewspaper.com Roundup! Friday, November 25, 2016 2012 Field Study Measures Turn Signal Use The insurance industry has focused safety research efforts almost exclusively on speeding and distracted driving. Only one study, published by SAE International in 2012, looked at collecting objective data on the use of turn signals under the assumption that […]

A New Excuse to Harass & Collect

Orwell described things that seemed a bit much in his novel, 1984. Like, as a for-instance, the Telescreen-prompted mandatory morning calisthenics — physical jerks — the novel’s main character, Winston Smith, was forced to endure each day. Well, things that seemed a bit much when I read this book back in high school — back […]

Pet Peeves and Unwritten Rules of the Road Part 2

These are the last few days of Lane Courtesy Month sponsored by the National Motorists Association. My only shout out is practice what you preach—drive right and pass left. If you need more reasons why this is important, check out our 2016 Infograph HERE! In last Tuesday’s blog, I asked if anyone had any pet […]

Pet Peeves & Unwritten Rules of the Road!

Many of us have pet peeves when we drive. I don’t like tailgaters. Rude and unsafe, tailgaters distract me from driving because I keep watching them and wonder why they are pushing me. I see a tailgater in my rearview mirror at least twice a week. What makes me smile though is that if the […]

Tax time in Massachusetts

It’s federal enforcement grant month in Massachusetts, and West Bridgewater police have taken to the texting ticketing task with unusual enthusiasm. They ticketed over 50 people who didn’t remember the two simple rules of texting and driving: Don’t text unless you are driving fast Never admit anything Police were on a congested road with a […]

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