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The Danger of Digital License Plates

The Danger of Digital License Plates

Soon, your car will not only track you in real time and make sure you’re paid-up on your insurance and have all your “papers” in order, it will also try to sell you something. Digital license plates, approved for use in California, Arizona and most recently, Michigan, will replace the old metal plate that you controlled with an […]

The History of License Plates: Evolution & Development

The license plate has become so ubiquitous in our everyday lives that we rarely stop to think how and why it was invented, when the need for it arose, and where it first appeared. Rarely do we stop to consider the role of the license plate in our life, how it helps keep us safe, […]

Customer Loyalty Rewarded with 9,000 Highway Spy Cameras: NMA E-Newsletter #527

Customer Loyalty Rewarded with 9,000 Highway Spy Cameras: NMA E-Newsletter #527

From guest writer Joe Cadillic, of the MassPrivatel blog The die has been cast, whether it’s digital driver’s licenses, digital license plates, license plate readers or facial recognition cameras. Everyone from private corporations to law enforcement follows the same script; offer Americans customer loyalty rewards programs in exchange for the loss of their privacy. Surveillance […]

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