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Stay Safe While Driving at Night

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us will be traveling home to be with our families, and with shorter winter days, it’s likely much of this driving will occur at night. According to a nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Road & Travel magazine and ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, nearly one of […]

Flashing Third Eye

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist My pal Dom alerted me to a new annoyance — inevitably touted (and likely, soon to be mandated) as a “safety” measure: Third brake lights that flash or blink instead of merely illuminating, along with the main brake lights. He posted a video of this phenomenon over at Clover Cam, […]

Daytime Running Lights: No Statistically Significant Effect On Safety

By James Baxter, NMA President You’re not likely to see any bold headlines, and CNN will not be interviewing Bush administration DOT officials, but the seven year long saga of trying to prove that Daytime Running Lights improve highway safety is coming to a close. The official results are couched in terms like “not statistically […]

A Brief History Of A Popular, But Useless “Safety” Feature

One of the pervasive urban myths plaguing our highways and byways is the belief that daytime use of headlights reduces motor vehicle accidents. It all started with a Greyhound Bus Company public relations gimmick to promote its “safety image.” There was an apparent reduction in bus accidents and the conclusion was made that the daytime […]

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