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Ned Lamont’s nose

Ned Lamont’s nose

I wonder if anybody believed candidate Ned Lamont when he said he didn’t plan to toll cars. Other people, out of state trucks, not you voters. As election opponent Bob Stefanowski warned, he was lying. With the election won Connecticut governor Lamont revealed his true plan, tolls for all. Tolls are addictive. The first proposal […]

Formula for failure

Formula for failure

A Massachusetts town got a bucket of money to grease some squeaky wheels. Connecticut towns got a forest of signs to make some squeaky wheels. Taking money and giving it back is how higher government justifies its existence. The town of Weymouth was rewarded for chanting a rhyming slogan. Part of the reward, paid out […]

Pay and pray

Bridgeport, Connecticut discovered what happens when the law is enforced. People would drive into the city, and if they survived to drive away would get a ticket in the mail for violating a parking ordinance. After that they might not drive back. The beginning is a familiar story. A company came to elected officials with […]

Vehicle Emissions Standards—Now What?

The long awaited but not too surprising ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week on turning back the Obama era CAFÉ Standards seems to have confused the issue even more. At issue: by 2025, automakers who want to sell new cars to American consumers must boost a corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) to […]

Obey or die!

Newspaper editors are a conflicted bunch. They tend to be socially liberal, but there’s one way most of them want the government to crush subjects under a metaphorical boot heel. That’s by speed enforcement. Editors at The Day want camera enforcement of speed limits I-95 in Connecticut. They sent a reporter onto I-95 with instructions […]

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