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Is Enough Being Done to Keep Unsafe Drivers Off the Road?

Is Enough Being Done to Keep Unsafe Drivers Off the Road?

As a personal injury lawyer who focuses on car accident law, I have seen all kinds of accidents on the road. “Accident” is a broad term that implies an unexpected calamity. In many cases, however, there is a specific driver at fault. Often, the fault is directly related to a distracted driver. Keep Your Eyes on the Road There are several kinds of distracted driving activities that can put you and […]

Are We the World’s Best Drivers? U.S. vs. International Driving Habits, Compared

It’s no secret that car accident rates and fatalities still plague the United States. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are currently the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. What are we doing wrong on the road? The problem may lie, not in our skills themselves, but in our arrogance regarding them. According to a […]

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Sherwin Arzani and his team have over 17 years of personal injury experience helping car accident victims.