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Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Car?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Ever do something you shouldn’t have — with a car, that is? Here are some of the best “Don’t Do’s” I’ve come across — and a few I’ve even done myself. Read, laugh… and learn! 1) Using regular rubber fuel hose in a fuel injected car. Major Don’t Do — […]

5 Little Things You Can Do To Save Gas

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Saving gas is really about saving money — so it’s not necessarily a smart move to sell whatever you’re driving now (even if it’s a big SUV) in order to buy a more “efficient” car. You could lose a pile of money on your old vehicle — especially if it’s […]

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer Driving

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Warm weather is just around the corner. Is your car ready? Like winter, the summer driving months have their own unique challenges. While you might not curse a non-working heater, you’ll surely be just as unhappy about an AC system that doesn’t blow cold — or an engine that overheats. […]

6 Unusual But Essential Tools For Car Guys (And Girls)

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist A basic socket set and pair of screwdrivers will get you through most basic backyard jobs — oil and plug changes, replacing a headlight. But if you go deeper — or work on cars long enough — you’ll encounter a situation where the basic stuff’s not enough. Or makes the […]

How To Make Your Car Last Forever (Or Close To It)

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get at least 12 years and 150,000 trouble-free miles out of a new car today — and that can make your initial “investment” (on average, $24,000 today) a lot easier to swallow. But the key element is proper care — and […]

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