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More excuses

Engineering judgment… factors not apparent… curves… driveways… transition… because we want to. Reading speed limit studies for California cities reminded me of the excuses engineers use when they don’t want to do their job. Based on an unscientific survey, about two-thirds of California municipal traffic engineers and consultants aren’t doing their job. Or they consider […]

A city council suffers speed limit regret

It was otherwise an ordinary story about a reluctant California city forced to comply with the speed trap law. One thing stood out. Santa Monica councilors¬†wanted to repeal a speed limit set based on an engineering study and replace it with a lower statutory speed limit. Obviously they shouldn’t do that. But can they? This […]

From the “missing the point” department

A Bay Area reporter is scared because a safety improvement program worked. I’ve read dozens of similar stories. This one is from the Golden Gate Bridge where a movable median barrier was installed to prevent head-on crashes. Traffic is safer and people are now driving faster on the divided highway. Win-win, right? Get there safer […]