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California says Automakers should not be liable for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

California says Automakers should not be liable for Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

The NMA Foundation presents The Car of the Future weekly feature: Last week, California regulators embraced a General Motors recommendation that automakers should not be liable for accidents and other trouble autonomous vehicle (AV) owners may face. Basically, the state of California is saying that if you don’t maintain your car to manufacturer specs then you are out […]

Manufacturing violations in Saratoga

The Mercury News described a typical crosswalk sting. Santa Clara County deputies went to Saratoga recently to enforce a law they made up. They say if a deputy steps into the street 90 feet in front of a moving car, the driver must stop. 89 feet, don’t have to stop. 90 feet, have to stop. […]

Another not-a-school-zone speed limit

An NMA member asked a question a lot more of us should be asking: is this really a school zone? As you enter Daly City, California from the east the speed limit on the four lane road drops from 45 to a 25 mph school zone. Except it isn’t a school zone: there is no […]

Another suspect speed survey

A routine item caught my eye. Pasadena, California did a speed limit review. I’ve learned that the pile of words and figures in such reviews often obscures violations of the law. Most cities review speed limits every five years to comply with the speed trap law. (Or, in the case of Los Angeles, they don’t […]

How Campbell, California breaks the speed trap law

I may be returning to Campbell, California, and this time I decided to check out the city’s speed survey first. How else could I know what the speed limit signs really mean? California has strict rules governing city speed limits. Hopefully after seeing what I did you’ll be able to repeat the process with your […]

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