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Is New Technology Creating Bad Drivers?

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist I got into writing about cars because I enjoy driving — which is why I sometimes find myself less and less interested in new cars. As our roads have congealed into mobile parking lots where it doesn’t matter whether you’re driving a ’78 Chevette or brand-new Corvette; as the automakers […]

Blue Collar Cars — Wall Street Prices

By Eric Peters, Automotive Columnist Anyone who follows the old car hobby knows how expensive classic-er muscle cars have become. It’s routine to see six-figure asking prices for prominent/popular models such as Hemi-equipped (and even 440 powered) Mopars – ‘Cudas, Challengers, Chargers, Super Bees and GTXs. Even 383 versions of these cars now command primo […]

Automotive Nostalgia: 8 Things That Have Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur

You can probably get through life without ever having to learn to write longhand; so long as you can sign your name, you’re fine. We type everything else, right? It’s the same with many things car-related, too. No one today needs to know how to double-clutch, for example — unless you happen to own a […]

300 MPG Or Conspiracy Theory?

Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right after all. That was the first thought to pop into my head as I read about an engineer named Steve Fambro – and his 300 mpg hybrid Aptera two-seater. Yes, you read that right. Three hundred miles per gallon. Really. And even if he’s off by half, the mileage […]

Cost Is No Object When It’s For Our Own Good

So far, at least, we’re still free to choose whether to exercise – or not. We can also decide for ourselves whether to engage in “risky” sports – for example, skiing (or motorcycle riding). But we’re not allowed to decide for ourselves when it comes to our cars – which must, by law, come equipped […]

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