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US Bill Seeks to Protect Self-Driving Vehicle Manufacturers

US Bill Seeks to Protect Self-Driving Vehicle Manufacturers

From Gary Massey, a Chattanooga Personal Injury Attorney with the law firm of Massey & Associates, P.C.  A bill pending in the United States Senate would, among other things, allow manufacturers and operators of self-driving vehicles to require end-users to enter into binding, confidential arbitration in order to resolve matters, including personal injury disputes. The […]

Would Lawsuits be Less Frequent with Self-Driving Cars?

Would Lawsuits be Less Frequent with Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars have been in the news a lot lately and some of the news has not been good. But, as the technology advances and self-driving cars become more prevalent on the market, they could wind up lowering the frequency that drivers file lawsuits. The companies developing self-driving cars right now include FiatChrysler, Ford, General […]

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