(None of the debate really matters, because police appear to be skirting the law anyway…)
A note to all the medical professionals who are involved in lobbying for primary seat belt laws:

“A study by The National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine estimated that nearly 100,000 patients each year are killed in hospitals by medical errors. In fact, the study found that a person is twice as likely to be killed by a preventable medical error than in an automobile accident.”

Newsflash: The previous figures may have been underestimated. No improvement seen over last five years… The Health and Human Services Department’s 2009 quality report to Congress found “very little progress” on eliminating hospital-acquired infections and called for “urgent attention” to address the shortcomings.

Oh, but wait, that’s not all. Researchers who found that sleep-deprived medical residents can pose a danger to patients have discovered that these tired doctors also may present a hazard after they leave the hospital.

P.S. While the US is spending hundreds of billions of dollars so the people in Iraq can experience freedom, US citizens are not allowed to make decisions about their own welfare …