Q: What is your solution for ‘road rage’?

A (long): Let’s say you’re moseying along in the left lane when someone comes up behind you. He’s trying to pass you and you can’t see why he’s getting so upset. It’s pretty obvious he’s suffering from “road rage.” Then later when you get off the highway, you see him again and this time he just went through a red light. He’s making you furious!

But think about it for a moment: Isn’t it you now who’s suffering from “road rage”?

There is no difference between different Rules of the Road. His ‘failure to stop for a traffic control device’ now is as upsetting to you as your own ‘failure to keep to the right’ was upsetting to him earlier – and both actions were equally illegal.

A (short): Left lane is for passing only – always keep to the right. It is the law and it’ll prevent someone’s road rage.

(Here is columnist Eric Peters’ take on the subject.)